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title: authors

Viktor Bezier

Viktor Bezier (also known by his pen name, VectorBezier) both writes and illustrates his own stories, and occasionally puts work up on istock. You can buy this stuff real cheaply, and take away a piece of his genius.

Despite intense pressure from publishers all over the world, he refuses to work for anyone other than Hermeneutic Press. As he also refuses to do interviews and only communicates with the outside world via intermediaries, it has led some to suspect he may be an ogre. See image below for one artists impression of what Mr. Bezier may look like.

Big Ogre

B. Barry Horst

Photo of barry

One of the greatest literary geniuses of the late twentieth century, B. Barry Horst has written hundreds of books, transforming the lives of millions of people and leading to at least, oh, I don't know, a dozen nominations for the Noble Prize. He has won several Oscars if memory serves, and is regularly consulted by NASA on matters of extelligence and sex. He runs Hermeneutic Press as a private fiefdom, and is ever the benevolent, lovable tyrant. He enjoys pontificating, writing, and self-promotion.

Walter G. Moostles

Picture of Moostles, with one eye

Walter G. Moostles is a very talented fellow who writes stories with numbers, and only in sequential order. His work has been called logical, progressive, and 'highly directed'. There is no doubt his work builds on itself. He loves New York, but refuses to ever visit, so as not to shatter his image of the city. He loves tea, cereal, and dogs. Moostles hails from Manchester, England, where he resides with his wife and nineteen cats. He prefers people not mention that he has only one eye, as he is already aware of this.

James Turner

Photo of bald guy

James Turner worked in multimedia until finally throwing caution to the wind and pursuing his illustration dream career. Since then his work has appeared in publications such as Popular Science, The Wall Street Journal, Red Herring Magazine, and numerous other prestiguous publications. In 2005 his first graphic novel, Nil: A Land Beyond Belief was published. This was quickly followed by the comic book Rex Libris, about a kick ass librarian. He enjoys coffee and striking dramatic poses, such as the one seen at left. He has an especially large right frontal lobe, but try not to stare at it.

© James Turner 2008

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