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Q. Does Hermeneutic Press really exist?

A. Of course. It must exist in some sense for you to phrase that question. QED.

Q. Where can I buy Hermeneutic publications?

A. You can't. Unless they're also published by the great folks over at SLG

Q. You're a comic book publisher that doesn't publish comics. Doesn't that prove you don't really exist?

A. Not at all. Perhaps we just aren't service oriented.

Q. How do you make money then?

A. Are you kidding? We're in the independent comics business. Nobody makes any money.

Q. So who's this James Turner joker?

A. James Turner is a world famous illustrator who's work has appeared in publications such as Readers' Digest, Elle, Chatelaine, The Chicago Tribune, MacWorld, The Globe and Mail, and many others. He's the one responsible for inflicting Rex Libris and Nil: A Land Beyond Belief upon the world. It is rumoured he lives in Toronto and likes to loiter in coffee shops. Some say he's quite mad. No one knows for sure.

guys on moon

Q. Did man really land on the moon?

A. Yes. It was Buzz Aldrin's encounter with the insectile Moon Men that was covered up. See our series Mission to the Moon for more details on this explosive revelation.

Q. Can I submit my comic to Hermeneutic Press?

A. Unfortunately that is not possible. There are numerous existential reasons why, many of them bewilderingly complicated and involving complex philosophical concepts. There simply isn't enough space here to detail them all. In the end, of course, it all boils down to the fact that Hermeneutic Press does not exist.

Q. Why do you have a website then?

A. That's a very good question.

Q. I bought one of your comics and didn't like it. What should I do?

A. Don't worry. It was all in your imagination.

guys on moon

Q. This is very confusing. Can you just direct me to SLG?

A. Of course: SLG

© James Turner 2008

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